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Full Width Unicode Characters
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I found these characters in Brawl Stage files:

Safety Boxes
Boxes that save!

The letters above are the unicode "full width" versions of our beloved ascii characters. They live in the 0xFF__ region. I convert them to ascii by taking the second byte and adding 0x20.

There is also an "ideographic space" (0x3000) in between the words above.

So if you ever get spam from Asia with these weird characters in them now you know what they are.

--David Grayson

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I usually call it monospace, and <code></code> gets to there pretty easily

But inside your <code></code> block you probably just typed ascii. The <code> tag is just a way of formatting characters.

The thing about these "full width" characters is that they are actually DIFFERENT characters. So computer programs regard them as different. "Boxes" is not the same as "Boxes". Don't believe me? Hit Ctrl-F and try searching for the word "Safety" in your browser. It won't find the Full-Width characters below:

And if you ask Ruby, you find:

irb(main):001:0> "Boxes"=="Boxes"
=> false

I'm aware that they're going to be different characters, you said that they had different hexademical codes in the original article.

But it would probably be better to just use monospace fonts than to force monospace characters so that there are less errors in programming, file naming, etc. You've just invented yourself a way to make more mistakes (as well to circumvent swearing filters).

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