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Frank & Ernest joke about Sigmund Freud... huh?
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Frank & Ernest 2008-5-29 image

Does anyone get it??? Please enlighten me.

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Freud has also come under fire from many feminist critics.[citation needed] Although Freud was an early champion of both sexual freedom and education for women (Freud, "Civilized Sexual Morality and Modern Nervousness"), some feminists have argued that at worst his views of women's sexual development set the progress of women in Western culture back decades, and that at best they lent themselves to the ideology of female inferiority[citation needed]. Believing as he did that women are a kind of mutilated male, who must learn to accept their "deformity" (the "lack" of a penis) and submit to some imagined biological imperative, he contributed to the vocabulary of misogyny[citation needed]. Terms such as "penis envy" and "castration anxiety" contributed to discouraging women from entering any field dominated by men, until the 1970s[citation needed]. Some of Freud's most criticized[citation needed] statements appear in his 'Fragment of Analysis' on Ida Bauer such as "This was surely just the situation to call up distinct feelings of sexual excitement in a girl of fourteen" in reference to Dora being kissed by a 'young man of prepossessing appearance'[27] implying the passivity of female sexuality and his statement "I should without question consider a person hysterical in whom an occasion for sexual excitement elicited feelings that were preponderantly or exclusively unpleasurable"[28].

Well, that's fascinating. But I still don't see how it makes the cartoon funny. You need to connect the dots!

Freud famously asked, "What do women want?" & spent his life trying to figure it out.

I thought it was funny, but it *is* an in-joke.

David, you need to update me on your life. I haven't heard anything from you in awhile.

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