davidegrayson (davidegrayson) wrote,

Open Letter to JennyLooHoo

JennyLooHoo wrote:
> David, you need to update me on your life. I haven't heard anything from you in awhile.

Thanks for the concern, Jen!

My life changed dramatically on June 9th. That's when I left my home town of Urbana, Illinois permanently. My friend Ryan (who you've probably met at swing) and I drove across the country for three days to get to the fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.

Las Vegas is the home of Pololu Robotics & Electronics. I am working here now, but Ryan was just coming to visit. When he flew home on June 22nd, that marked the end of my college experience.

Pololu was started about 7 years ago at MIT by my brother Paul Grayson and his friend Jan. They got their start by making robot parts. We now have expanded in to many other areas such as laser cutting, prototype stencils, and complete robots such as the 3pi—our latest and most fun products. We recently got an injection molding machine and have begun to make some of our own plastic parts, such as plastic wheels and gearmotor brackets. We now have an office/factory/warehouse in Las Vegas and a number of employees.

I am part of the core team at Pololu. We are all working very hard to make Pololu better. My main contributions are in computer programming—both for the website and our internal systems—but I also got a chance to do some video-making when produced our Introducing the 3pi Robot video. My biggest contribution so far is our automated quoting system for prototype SMT stencils.

My friends at Pololu are all pretty active. We like to juggle, play soccer, play football, play basketball, and we especially like to do indoor rock climbing. Unfortunately, due to pregnancies and a messed up ankle, we don't do many group sports these days, but hopefully it will get better. I still go climbing several times per week.

I'm living with my brother and his wife temporarily. Actually, I'm going to be an uncle soon!

I'm still Swing Dancing but these days I'm taking it much more seriously than I used to. I invested in some good pants, and I always make sure to show up on time and stay a while. And I'm getting involved and helping out.

Speaking of that, we have a Las Vegas Lindy Exchange coming up in early October. You could come, Jen! It's a great excuse to visit Vegas, and it would be nice to see you. It's at the Aruba Hotel, which is on the northern end of the Strip, so you're just a short walk from the main entertainment center of Vegas.

In college I was involved in a lot of different things, but none of them were terribly important to me. Now, I'm involved in a lot fewer things but they are important. It's the difference between a diverse life and simple life. I miss my good friends from Urbana, and I miss the ease of living in a small, bikable town, but overall I think this new life is better and more meaningful.

I've been accepted to Caltech for Physics graduate school and plan on going there in Fall 2009.

What are you doing Jen? Where are you working, where are you living, and what are you wanting to go to grad school for?
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