davidegrayson (davidegrayson) wrote,

Christmas Day 2009 in Detroit Metropolitan Airport

I was in Detroit Metropolitan Airport from 2:16pm to 3:50pm on Christmas Day, just hours after the attempting bombing of Northwest Airlines Flight 253 by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. I was flying on Northwest, the same airline as Abdulmutallab, so I probably walked by the gate where that plane was parked (if it ever got to the gate). But I was oblivious to this breaking news because all the televisions in the airport were tuned to a documentary on the life of Jesus (on CNBC I think). I even tweeted from the airport, oblivious.

Don't all those televisions in airports usually show CNN? I think that the people running the Detroit Metro Airport probably changed the channel when the story broke so that the passengers wouldn't get unnecessarily anxious and distracted.

Here were my flight plans on 2009-12-25:
LAS 07:15 -> DTW 14:16 Northwest Flight 2399
DTW 15:50 -> CMI 16:54 Northwest Flight 3224

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