davidegrayson (davidegrayson) wrote,

My alternative to universal healthcare

I propose that everyone who wants universal healthcare band together and create their own, supplementary, opt-in government to provide it. This new government would be entirely funded by people who opt in to it. In other words, people can choose whether to participate or not. The U.S. government should repeal any laws that make it difficult for this new government to exist.

Does that sound good?

This proposal is my alternative to the universal (e.g. government-provided) healthcare. Whenever someone says they are in favor of universal healthcare, I am going to tell them my alternative proposal and ask them which of the two they would prefer. In this light, I think that any argument they use in favor of universal healthcare will reveal something wrong with their personal morality, ethics, or values.

Don't take it too personally if you fall in to that category: lots of people have incorrect moralities. Morality is not something you are born with, it's something you have to learn. You usually learn it wrong the first time, but we can learn it properly by engaging in discussions like this.
Tags: healthcare, politics
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