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I Fly

Here is my flight itinerary... much simpler this time. Only four flights, four airports, and two universities.

Wed March 26th: Bloomington to Los Angeles
United Flight 7308, 6:06pm BMI -> 7:08pm ORD
United Flight 0129, 8:40pm ORD -> 11:17pm LAS

Saturday/Sunday March 29/30th: Los Angeles to Atlanta
Airtran Flight 60, 9:58pm LAX -> 5:08am ATL <- am I crazy for not getting a hotel at all on Saturday night?

Monday March 31st: Atlanta to Bloomington
Airtran Flight 564, 9:10 ATL -> 9:51 BMI

Yay again!
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I'm gonna go flying cya later

Here is my flight itinerary... eight flights, seven airports, two universities, one robot company...

Wed, February 20th: Bloomington to Atlanta to Charlottesville
Delta Airlines Flight 4659, 10:44am BMI -> 1:35pm ATL
Delta Airlines Flight 4522, 3:14pm ATL -> 4:45pm CHO

Sat, February 23rd: Charlottesville to Washington to Las Vegas
United Flight 6888, 2:15pm CHO -> 3:08pm IAD
United Flight 1475, 5:15pm IAD -> 7:33pm LAS

Thu/Fri, February 28/29th: Las Vegas to O'Hare to Rochester
United Flight 1562, Thursday 11:53pm LAS -> Friday 05:20am ORD
United Flight 7582, 06:37am ORD -> 09:20am ROC

Sun Mar 2: Rochester to O'Hare to Bloomington
American Flight 4223, 7:20am ROC -> 8:29am ORD
American Flight 3945, 9:00am ORD -> 9:45am BMI

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get a Ron Paul yard sign!

UPDATE: I no longer have Ron Paul yard signs; I donated all of mine to Indiana. Please order yours signs online from the campaign or get in touch with your local campaign headquarters. Or just call me and chat about Ron Paul, that's cool too!

Original post:

If you live in Champaign County and want to show your support for Dr. Ron Paul's presidential bid with a yard sign, then contact me. Email me at davidegrayson@gmail.com or call 217-377-0620 and we can work out the details to get you your sign. The signs are free and I can deliver them to you. Bumper stickers are also available!

--David Grayson
Ron Paul Precinct Leader for Cunningham 14
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I joined the Revolution!

I have enlisted in the Revolution!

I'm going to Iowa from December 27th to January 4th to volunteer for the Ron Paul campaign. I'll be going door to door with other students, telling people why I support Ron Paul and why Iowans should too. The campaign will pay for all of my expenses while I'm in Iowa. It's gonna be an awesome adventure.

If you're a student and you'd like to stand up for freedom too, you can sign up here:

But hurry! The deadline is tomorrow!
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listen to fun world music on the radio!

I will be sharing some fun world music you twice this week:

6-7pm Monday (TODAY!)
10-12pm Tuesday

You can listen online at weft.org, or tune the radio to 90.1FM if you're in town.

The Monday show is going to be really good because I'll be playing some really catchy music: starting off with Gypsy (e.g. Shantel!), then some crazy Latin, then Jewish/Israeli, and finishing it off with some soothing Yoga music.

Then on Tuesday, I'm subbing for Indy Gupta's East of Zero show, for music from the Eastern hemisphere.
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Top 10 Japan Habits to break now that I'm back in the US

[Here's a little scrap of content I should have posted a LONG time ago.]

Top 10 Japan Habits to break now that I'm back in the US

10) Walking on the left side
9) Bowing to people
8) Talking slowly with simple words and much enunciation
7) Removing my shoes to step on wood
6) Eating food of unknown identity
5) Taking pictures of every meal
4) Saving receipts and ticket stubs
3) Keeping trash in my pocket all day long
2) Buying alcohol
1) Letting Prof. Gunji make my every day awesome!!!
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Listen to my radio show!

On Wednesday 2-4pm, I will be spinning out some phat World Beats on WEFT 90.1 FM, community radio for East-Central Illinois. Tune in and check it out. Or you can even drop in to visit me at the station, which is on Market Street in Downtown Champaign.

You can also listen to the show on the web at weft.org, even if you aren't in town.

This thing on Wednesday will be a demo run for the show I hope to propose to the WEFT Programming Committee. The show would be called "Foot Music": a show for catchy world music that has a good
rhythm, often making you want to get up, dance, and sing along. It would be a weekly show, in the Wednesday 2-4pm slot.
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(no subject)

Yesterday I went to the nether-regions of the campus to see a Solar-powered house! My friend Drew Coverdill and many other University of Illinois students worked on the project. They are going to load it on to three trucks and take it to Washington, D.C. to compete against other schools.

For more details, (and the pictures that I took!) read my friend Anita's blog entry: Going Green with the Solar Decathlon.
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Social Networking Chains (in real life)

Sometimes it's interesting to think how the network of people you know spreads. Here are some examples from my network:

Because of the Campus Honors Program, I met several fascinating women.

David Grayson --(member of)--> Campus Honors Program <--(member of)-- Emily E. --(looks like)--> Alex --(friend of)--> Tessa --(member of)--> Swing Society <--(member of)-- Rebecca

And thanks to my Dad, I have several friends here in Rochester, and one great friend.

David Grayson --(son of)--> Dan Grayson --(friend of)--> Steven Landsburg --(father of)--> Cayley Landsburg --(friend of)--> Kaela T. --(friend of)--> Woods & Tim

However, I didn't need a social network to meet Ryan and Kevin. They just showed up!